What Lead Management Should Be.
  • Are website leads the lifeblood of your sales staff?
  • Are you & your staff logging into multiple systems just to get ALL your leads?
  • Are some leads old, cold & useless because you didn’t get to them fast enough?
  • Can management see progress made on each & every lead, in real time?

If not…. YOUshould be a ThreeClix customer!

Since ThreeClix was launched 18 months ago, we’ve built in over 300 lead source integrations.

Those integrations mean your sales staff will get ALL their leads, from ALL sources, from one system!

With ThreeClix you’ll never have to log into multiple systems again. There no more lost, or cold leads! You’ll get ‘em while they’re hot!

ThreeClix customers have been generous in their praise, but this note from Tom Whowell at Gordy's Boats sums it up best:

"ThreeClix is the best lead management system we have found to date. The capabilities are outstanding. Sales people get leads from all sources through ThreeClix instantly, and on their phones. They can respond immediately giving the customer a better first impression of our business. They can also access their entire client data base from their phones, so they can work remotely. Because of ThreeClix, my people are much more productive and efficient. Tracking the progress of each and every lead is also key.

As the owner and sales manager, I can track the progress of each lead in real time - and quickly get involved if needed. If you are looking for a great lead management system, definitely take a look at ThreeClix."

Tom Whowell/Gordy’s

A one-hour ThreeClix demo will show you whether or not ThreeClix will make a profitable difference for your company. We’ll take your questions and demonstrate the system and you’ll see why many companies are switching to this great lead management system.

And – it starts at $100 per month per location and a small set-up fee.

Click here to schedule a painless, no obligation, very low pressure, demo.

Who Needs ThreeClix
Boat Dealers
Power Sports Dealers
New & Used Car Dealers
Service Businesses (like TopHat)
RV Dealers
Real Estate Agencies