For over 20 years, Message On Hold has been TopHat's franchise player and we think we do it better than any other company in the country. 

Evidently others do too because our clients tell us their callers say, "Put me back on hold, I want to hear the rest of that message!"

Seriously...  they do.

Our messages are conversational, sometimes amusing and always full of good information about your company. And that's why you buy a Message On Hold Service; to dispense good information about your company and keep callers interested. Your company isn't generic - we don't think your message should be either.

A few more salient points:

  • We're not an ordinary Message On Hold company. We're well-spoken sales people who help you sell, what you sell!
  • We just might make your callers smile while they wait. We've even been accused of adjusting some bad attitudes while they're waiting!
  • It's our job to write your scripts, not yours.  We'll contact you at update time for new information and send a script for approval before production.
  • There's a simple licensing agreement for billing and usage rights, but THERE'S NO CONTRACT TO SIGN.  If we don't make you happy, we'll shake hands and part friends.
  • AND, THIS IS IMPORTANT: YOU'RE NOT BUYING PRODUCTION - YOU'RE HIRING A SERVICE. We expect and want you to call us anytime there are  changes or you have something new to promote. 

Want to hear some samples? Click Here